The DX Cluster Monkeys
The DX Cluster is a useful tool when used for the purpose intended, which is to spot DX stations and the frequency they are working. Some spot true signal reports and at which location, and this is fine. But cluster monkeys use it to cry, some use it to brag, while others who can't break the pile use it by begging for special consideration. The crybabies and braggers are just a nuisance taking up good space. The beggars are the most inconsiderate. Some even expect the DX to stop working a pile and QSY to another band/mode just for them. But all cluster misfits have one thing in common. These pesky creatures manage to pounce on a keyboard and clutter the cluster with useless junk. If you are confused about how to use the cluster, here is a brief course.  Cluster Spotting 101
WARNING: Hardcore monkeys are at high risk of contracting Narcisstemic Clusteritis Bingosis.        Are you a cluster monkey?   Yes. No.