Narcisstemic Clusteritis Bingosis (NCB)

"After posting something on the cluster and you find your erection won't go down after 4 hours, stop using the cluster and consult a doctor. Other symptoms may include incessant need to post more on the cluster which can lead to an addiction, excited voice, constipation, and tingling in the fingers prohibiting radio tuning. If you or someone you know has exhibited any of the signs, seek Dr Phil immediately."
-- Mike ZooLoo, Institute of DXology, Cluster Study 2009

The World Health Organization announced today that NCB has reached pandemic levels in all areas of the world. This disease is said to be very contagious and spreading rapidly over the internet via cluster spots. When asked about the effectiveness of medical masks, we got this response from the WHO. "They can be effective, but only if they are worn over the eyes, thus prohibiting people from viewing cluster spots, and developing the urge to add something really stupid to what is already there." NCB is not a seasonal disease, because it can spread at pandemic levels any time of the year. But it does spread more rapidly when DXpedtions are underway.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) added that initial symptoms involve tunnel vision and loss of memory. It appears once NCB starts, those inflicted with the mind debilitating disease cannot see the ANNOUNCEMENTS portion of the cluster created for the express purpose of their non-spotting comments as well as they forget there is such a thing as EMAIL for direct personal comments to a specific station. Those exhibiting the earliest signs of NCB may recover with mental therapy such as a reminder that ANNOUNCEMENTS and EMAIL does exist for bragging, begging, questions, or laudatory comments about the FB QSL they have received via hardcopy, LOTW, or eQSL.

Do not confuse these symptoms with a new operator's conduct. New operators will generally thank you for your help. NCB sufferers get defensive and hard-headed, resisting any change in their conduct and continuing to make those without NCB to suffer.

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